Basic Function:

Performs duties assigned to him for drilling, blasting, mucking and installing services within the mine in a safe manner.  Includes operating electric or hydraulic drilling equipment and diesel powered jumbos, scoop trams, trucks etc.

Work Performed:

  1. Operates underground mining equipment such as jumbos, scoop trams, trucks etc. Includes operating, pedals and steering wheels to correctly position equipment and levers to raise, lower scoops etc.  Ensures work areas are safe for working and installs proper ground support in work areas
  2. Undertakes development work as directed such as opening up new shafts, ramps and raises by blasting, mucking and filling required areas with appropriate equipment.
  3. Monitors the operation of equipment and ensures safety of other workers working in his area. Advises supervisor and maintenance area of equipment maintenance requirements for review and required action
  4. Loads and blasts work areas assigned by supervisor. Includes checking borehole depths and cleans holes.  Positions explosives in bore holes, primes explosives using detonators and explosive cartridges, fills holes with applicable packing material and connects wire to explosive cartridge and detonator and wire to electric detonator.
  5. Inspects work areas and ensures observance of Mine safety regulations. Declares areas safe after regular blasting has taken place.  Identifies, and reports misfires to supervisor.
  6. Carries out all activities in accordance with company safety procedures and recommendations, following safety instructions and notices, and wearing protective equipment at all times.
  7. Participates in on-the-job training of Saudi nationals who may be assigned to his unit from time to time.
  8. Performs other similar or related duties as assigned.

Work Contacts:

Regular contacts at own or next higher level up to supervisor regarding work direction.

Independence of Operation:

Works according to well defined procedures and operational standards.  Work is subject to detailed check at regular intervals.

Supervisory Responsibility:


Physical Effort: %

Operating heavy equipment                          70

Walking and Standing                                        30

Work Environment: %

Intensive dirt and noise                                      100

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Completion of Intermediate (9 years) education.
  2. 4 years’ mining experience.
  3. Basic job English.
  4. Drivers License.

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