Mine Shift Boss

Reports To:      Captain, Mine

Basic Function:

Supervises assigned shift workers engaged in underground mining.  Coordinates activities such as rock bolting, drilling, blasting, loading, haulage and mucking of ore and rock.  Examines equipment and assigns equipment for repair as required.  Inspects hazards and unsafe work sites.  Coordinates underground mine blasting.  Assigns miners to applicable jobs and appropriate work sites.

Work Performed:

  1. Supervises the activities of assigned shift personnel in the Mine. Performs supervisory functions at the level as established by management.
  2. Ensures that all activities of the Mine are carried out in accordance with the company’s safety policies and procedures. Ensures that all safety rules and regulations are fully explained to company and contractor employees; that appropriate safety and protective equipment are ordered and stocked in the work unit; that safety notices are prominently displayed in all work areas; and that all accidents and incidents are efficiently investigated and analyzed, including implementation of measures to avoid a recurrence.
  3. Coordinates grade control. Includes liaising with Geology to analyze area and provide direction for blasting and digging.  Assigns miners and heavy equipment operators to applicable work sites to maintain grade control.
  4. Checks all pumping stations and ventilation areas to ensure work environment is safe at all times. Liaises with Maintenance regarding malfunctioning equipment.  Suspends work in unsafe or poorly ventilated areas as necessary.
  5. Reports all accidents to Management, completes accident report and submits report to Management for review and appropriate action.
  6. Participates in the training of Saudi nationals who may be assigned to his unit from time to time.
  7. Performs other similar or related duties such as estimating material requirements etc.

Work Contacts:

Regular contacts with all underground personnel including Geologists and Engineers regarding operation of mine, control of grade etc

Independence of Operation:

Works according to established procedures and technical standards.  Supervisor is kept advised of work progress and spot checks completed work.

Supervisory Responsibility:

Supervises:       Lead Miners


Raise Miners


Heavy Equipment Operators

Total: Approximately 10-15 per shift

Physical Effort: %

Walking                                                     60

Driving/Sitting                                       30

Climbing ladders etc                           10

Work Environment: %

Exposed to intensive dirt and noise       60

Office environment                                20

Vehicle environment                              20

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Completion of Secondary (12 years) education plus 2 years formal training leading to a Diploma in Mining Engineering
  2. 6 years’ underground mining experience
  3. Good knowledge of English
  4. Drivers Licence

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