Our Recruitment Scope

What kinds of worker you will find in Indonesia?

Well, any kind. Almost.

Since we have recruited and deployed a lot of worker from various kind of industry such as:

  • engineering & construction (electrician, mechanic, engineer, technician, painter, blaster, diesel generator mechanic, scaffolding, plumber, mason, carpenter, heavy duty operator etc)
  • tourism & hospitality (male attendant, waiter, male housekeeper, male & female masseur/therapist, cook, butler, baker chef, cake decorator, florist, fruit carver, receptionist, barista etc)
  • healthcare (female nurse, caregiver, pharmacist etc)
  • oil & gas, petrochemical, mining and other heavy industry (petroleum, drilling engineer, well testing operator, rock blasting engineer, lab technician, mechanical, electrical, civil engineer etc)

Need more detail info? Please feel free to contact us at info@hiringindonesia.id or mobile/whatsap no +6281514262160