How To Hire Indonesian Worker

Firstly you need to send to our email the detail of your requirement such as:

  1. Category & number of worker needed
  2. Jobs description of each position
  3. Range of salary offered
  4. Contract duration
  5. Working hour and overtime
  6. And other specific requirement needed to be explained

Based on the letter sent by you we will announce the vacancy.

After selection stage and the worker pass medical exam, you need to provide these papers to us:

  1. Visa
  2. E-wakala (only Saudi Arabia employer)
  3. Demand letter attested by Indonesian embassy/consulate
  4. Employment contract for each worker also attested by Indonesian embassy/consulate
  5. All the papers released by our embassy/consulate

All those 3,4,5 papers, should be sent via courier to our office in Jakarta Indonesia.

Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us or call/whatsap +62 815 142 62 160